What Is Link Building And Why Does It Matter In 2023?

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Link Building And Why Does It Matter In 2023?

Link building is an effective strategy used by many website owners to improve their visibility in search engines. It’s a complicated strategy that involves a lot of effort, but it’s very effective if done correctly. Every entrepreneur who wants to create a website in the near future needs to know what link building is and why it’s important in 2023 to be on top of search engines like Google, ahead of their competitors

We’ll show you everything you need to know about link building.

What Is Link Building In SEO?

Link building is the process of building one-way hyperlinks, also called “backlinks”, to a website to increase its visibility in various search engines. The more established the website is that links to your website, or the higher it ranks for various highly competitive keywords, the more valuable the link. Popular link-building methods include guest blogging, using a broken link strategy, and more.


Any website design agency service in Dublin, Ireland, or online needs to understand what link building is because it’s such an integral part of SEO. Without it, your website would have little chance of ranking against the competition, especially if you’re in a competitive niche.


Why Is Link Building Important in 2023 For Every Company Considering A New Website Design?

  1. It Grows Your Website’s Traffic

Once your website has a lot of authority links pointing to your content, it’s only a matter of time before you see an increase in traffic. For example, if an established marketing agency with a high domain authority and a lot of reputation links to a brand new web design company in Dublin that is just starting out with a new website, this will eventually have a positive impact on their traffic.

Remember: more traffic means more potential customers.

visual expression of why increasesing brand awareness is so important during search engine optimization process

Increases Brand Awareness

Any website that gets backlinks will be noticed more than others. If you own an interior design business and have received a few more links than your competitors, your content will regularly appear in the top search engine results on the internet in Ireland and other countries, leading to your brand being noticed more and more.

  1. Builds Relationships With Others In Your Niche

Building a relationship with others in a niche is mutually beneficial. When you reach out to the big players in the market for a link in a personal way, they’re encouraged to work with you. When they get back to you, you can offer to link to them in return.


After you’ve successfully completed an exchange, every time one of you has new content they need a link to, you can give the other a boost. The relationship grows over time, and both parties gain exposure.


This is a common tactic of many SEO companies that offer their services. They simply do the dirty work for you.

  1. Improved Site Metrics

When you ask a web design agency for help, they’ll always tell you that a healthy website is an easy life.


To understand your website’s health, you need to know your Domain Authority (DA) and your Domain Rating (DR). Link building will increase both of these metrics, leading to an improvement in the health of your website.

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