What is the Difference between Cheap and Professional website ?

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Every business need this

In the 21stcentury what is the most important thing that your business needs? It needs the one thing that can promote your business 24×7. It needs a website. Because as we have adopted smartphones into our daily lives. We use them on the go to search for things. Imagine someone would look for services you provide close to his location. If your business won’t have well-structured content and be placed on Google Maps they won’t find you in any shape or form.


Instead of Just a Website, Expect Solutions to Help You and Your Business

Kamil Kus, CEO of CKdesign


Well thought threw SEO strategy

The SEO strategy is essential for those who are aiming to own a successful website. Without any SEO your website won’t rank and nobody will know about it.

Well thought threw Design

Thanks to the well thought through Design your website will be a selling and information tool where you will be able to help your users/customers by information about your services.

What kind of website do you need

What kind of website do you need?

So, the big question should be what kind of website do you need and how much should you spend? That is the $64,000 question, and this will probably depend on what you need. Out there one of the cheapest websites you can get will cost you €500, and for a decent website, you will end up spending €2500. So, what is the difference between a €500 website and a €2500 website? Well, it comes down to what you need your website for and what are the goals you would likely want to achieve through your website.

We understand that creating a well-structured website which will be effective and talk directly to your users is much more complex.

Most of the so-called designers, freelancers will design a website (place information on your website for you for €300 – €500) with SEO, Content Management system all included logo, hosting, design, emails.

Well, it still comes down to what you would like to achieve through your website and what is the reason behind it.
Most of the time, clients are coming to us and say:

“We just would like to have a website”

“I do not want to spend a lot just want to have a website how my friend has”

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  1. Why do website costs vary?

    Finally, get an Idea of why some websites are more expensive than others

For the €500 website, the freelancers or so-called freelancers will create for you,

Here is what you will get: 

  • A website that was not given full attention to detail,
  • No well thought out an SEO strategy,
  • Uncreative or difficult to customize website template,
  • a website which will be made for quantity rather than quality.
why do website costs vary

why do website costs vary

What is a Cheap website?

A Cheap website always be:

  1. Created in rush,
  2. Missing strategy,
  3. Without solutions to what your users would need help with,
  4. Won’t be optimised for SEO, so the website will struggle to rank,
  5. No keyword research and strategy,
  6. Not optimised for performance,
  7. Without video training, so you would know how to use your website,
  8. Poor website support,
  9. Support and training if needed for your website and how to update it,
  10. With Default contact form which will not send welcome messages straight after form will be submitted,
  11. Without tracking all form submissions in your Google Analytics,

What is the Professional website?

A Professional website should always be/have/include:

  1. Deep analysis of Your competitors’ online strategies will be noted and introduced to your business,
  2. Research competitor’s flaws and gain an advantage among your competitors,
  3. Well prepared to be attractive and ready for any marketing strategy,
  4. All content to be optimized with the user in mind,
  5. The SEO will have all the steps necessary to select the right content,
  6. The right keywords for your business,
  7. Guidance on how you should look after your website,
  8. Support and training if needed for your website and how to update it,
  9. The layout will be set up and thought through what information should be placed first, what problems and solutions your users are looking for,
  10. Design to be appealing and oozeing your users at first sight,
  11. Follow the design process with you so you would be kept all the time in the loop what is going,
  12. We will work with you during the detailed interview to uncover and discover the best & worse parts of your business on which you should focus and which to promote,
  13. Easy to fill up and to understand contact form.

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Kamil Kus | Founder at CK Website Design When it соmеѕ tо Cоntеnt Mаnаgеmеnt ѕуѕtеm and problem-solving I have bееn at thе fоrеfrоnt and worked with hundreds of startups and small businesses. Thanks to many years of experience I'm here now to help you and assists you all the way through all web design or marketing projects to make sure you and your business will benefit from our services.
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