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CKdesign senior leadership team draws on decades of experience across industries to chart a course for the future and guide the company toward its strategic goals.

Meet our Innovative professionals

Founder of CKdesign and CKwebsittedesign Ireland

When it comes to Content Management System Kamil has been on the forefront compared to his peers, and know WordPress website design from the ground up since its very beginning. For the last 5 years, he has been active in the Website Design community not just as a designer but also as a skilled developer.
Kamil took part in projects as a developer & designer. He has been collaborating with many charities such as to improve their online presence
Now he leads a small team of dedicated designers and developers who are passionate about creating and developing new businesses online and efficient on helping clients’ business and being understanding of their business’s needs.

Head of Digital Marketing at CKwebsitedesign

Yasmine has over 10 years of extensive “hands-on” experience in digital marketing, website design, and project leadership.
Yasmine has a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge Search Engine Marketing campaigns and innovative marketing strategies that accelerate growth, increase demand and maximize media budget. Yasmine has worked with many corporations, institutions, celebrities, small businesses, and startups.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
    – On Page SEO (Search Engine Content Optimisation),
    – Off Page SEO (Quality Link Building),
    – Keyword Research,
  2. Public Relations
  3. Online Marketing
    – Google Adwords,  (CTR, PPC, KPI’s)
    – Google Analytics,

Head of Programming team at CKwebsitedesign Ireland

Chris is a real one-man army; having impressive experience in nearly every area of web development, he’ll quickly finding and introduce solution for any business problem. Always ready to share his knowledge with people around him, good teammate. Don’t waste your chance to work with him, if you’d got it.


  1. NodeJS (ES6/7), Express, Restify, Loopback
  2. Front-end JavaScript (ES6/7), ReactJS + Flux (e.g. Redux), Angular
  3. PHP 5+, Zend Framework
  4. HTML 5, CSS, cssnext, Bootstrap
  5. Regex
  6. Bash
  7. Guarding NodeJS apps with pm2
  8. Integrating with third-party APIs
  9. Developing real-time apps using Web Sockets

Graphic Designer at CKwebsitedesign Ireland


For the last 5 years Wojtek worked as a freelance graphic designer, and from the beginning of this year thanks to his expertise & high attention to details Wojtek has joined CKdesign team as Graphic Designer.


Wojtek is an artistic soul, what enables him to create eye-catching and innovative designs flawlessly.
Thanks to his experience with not only graphic design but with professional photography and editing, Wojtek is very skilled on creating designs all types of logo intros and animations.


We are an Innovative agency

CKdesign is a group of ambitious and passionate Web Professionals who are working under one name and lead by Kamil Kus.

CKdesign main focus is not only to get our client’s website to the next level but also offer our full support along the way.



We always aim for perfection.

CKdesign is a vibrant website design agency in Dublin, that provided various online solutions for businesses, starting from website design and finishing on advance Online Shop solutions.

At CKdesign, we provide a Trustworthy, Friendly and reliable customer service that you can always count on.

We are paying high attention to all our client’s business needs and ideas and for them to have full ownership and control of their domains as well as providing them with the basic knowledge to run their businesses independently.



We will help you to improve your business.

Our mission is to improve Irish market with website design and high-performance online product solutions. We support Small, Medium & Big Businesses to start or improve their conversion online.

We can help you reach a wider audience with beautiful, sharp and sleek websites and being able to assist you with your business and see it flourish is part of our commitment. We work directly with people to solve or/and avoid digital problems.

We are part of the digital progress and innovation.



Pasion and Attention to detail that what makes us stand-out

We are an innovative agency that makes websites easy to update and maintain. What sets us apart from other agencies is a high attention to all our client’s full ownership and control over their domains and hostings.

We offering 24/7 support and advice as well as special deals for updates when the client is signed up for Website Maintenance.


Innovative Brands

We are Value Designers, Developers & Marketers Building Web Solutions for Companies

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ckdesign clients mfk auto care logo website design

ckdesign clients love irish tours logo website design

ckdesign clients goldbank logo ecommerce design

ckdesign clients ming court logo website design

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