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Our Guarantee & Commitment

to Technical SEO

We are committed to bringing your website to the top of Google’s page #1 rankings within the estimated time frame. If we are unable to achieve this within the promised time frame, you will only have to pay for the committed duration initially agreed upon.

After exceeding the estimated time frame, you can stop the payments and we will continue our work at no additional cost until we achieve top rankings for your website. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and are confident in our ability to deliver results.

Our Clients Get Results

Our Clients 
Get Results

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What is

Technical SEO ?

Technical SEO refers to the optimization of a website’s technical elements to improve its search engine visibility and performance. Unlike traditional SEO, which focuses on content and keywords, technical SEO deals with factors that affect how search engines crawl, index, and interpret the content of a website. It aims to ensure that a website meets the technical requirements and best practices set by search engines, thereby improving its chances of ranking higher in search results

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Why CK Website Design

Should be your SEO Partner ?

At CK Website Design, we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner for all your SEO needs. We work hard to understand the process and deliver top-notch results that you can count on.

With our diverse range of services from SEO, Design, Maintenance, and Development to 
Content Strategies we take pride in our holistic approach to digital excellence.

Why Choose CK Website Design?

Why is so Important to

Pay attention to SEO Services ?

In today’s world, people expect to get quick and satisfactory results when they search for a product or a service online. Now, imagine your target audience is looking for information related to your business on Google.

They’ll find plenty of other websites, including your competitors, that match their requirements. If your website content is not optimized according to Google’s Ranking Factors, your potential customers won’t be able to find your business online.

Grow your Business with our SEO services

We help businesses with our transparent and trustworthy SEO services

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crawl error report

This report identifies any issues that stop search engines from properly exploring your website. By fixing these problems, we ensure that all your valuable content gets noticed and indexed by search engines, helping you reach more people online.

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technical SEO Competitor Analysis service » by CK Website Design
Competitor Analysis

Keeping an eye on your competitors helps you understand what’s working well in your industry. We’ll analyse their strategies and performance to find ways to improve your own approach. 
By learning from their successes and mistakes, we can make smarter decisions to stay ahead in the market and attract more customers to your business.

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Auditing preferred domain

We’ll check if your website consistently uses either “www” or “non-www” in its web address. This ensures that search engines don’t see your site as having duplicate content, which can negatively impact your rankings. Consistency is key to maximizing your website’s visibility online.

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Checking HTTPS

HTTPS encryption ensures that data exchanged between your website and its visitors is secure. By making sure your site uses HTTPS, we help build trust with your audience and improve your rankings in search engine results, as secure websites are favoured by search engines like Google.

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XML sitemap

An XML sitemap is like a map that guides search engines through your website, helping them discover and index all your important pages. By creating and submitting a sitemap, we ensure that search engines find and show your content in search results, increasing your website’s visibility online

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Eliminating duplicate content

Duplicate content can confuse search engines and hurt your website’s visibility. We’ll clean up any duplicate pages or content to make sure each page on your site is unique and valuable, improving your chances of ranking higher in search results.

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Improving metadata

Metadata, like titles and descriptions, gives search engines and users a preview of your web page’s content. By optimizing this information, we make sure it accurately reflects your content and entices users to click through to your site, improving your visibility and click-through rates in search results.

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Checking broken links

Broken links can frustrate users and harm your website’s credibility. We’ll identify and fix any broken links on your site, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience for your visitors and helping you maintain your search engine rankings.

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Implementing (SSL)

SSL encryption protects the data transmitted between your website and its visitors, safeguarding sensitive information and enhancing trust. By implementing SSL, we ensure that your website is secure and compliant with modern security standards, improving your rankings in search results and building confidence with your audience.

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Penalty Recovery

If your website faces penalties from search engines, we can assist. We’ll identify issues, rectify them, and submit a reconsideration request. Our goal is to restore your site’s rankings and visibility in search results, rebuilding trust with search engines. With our expertise, navigate through the recovery process smoothly and ensure your online presence is fully restored.

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Auditing redirects

Redirects are like signposts that direct users and search engines to the right pages when they visit your site. We’ll audit your redirects to ensure they’re working correctly, preventing visitors from getting lost and helping search engines understand your site’s structure better, which can boost your rankings.

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Structured Data Mark up icon » by CK Website Design
Structured Data Mark-up

Structured data markup helps search engines understand your website better. By adding structured data, we provide extra details about your content, like product information or event dates. This makes your website more informative and appealing to users, increasing clicks and and attracting more visitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered.

Technical SEO setup involves optimising various technical aspects of your website to improve its visibility and performance in search engine results. 

This includes tasks like:

  • enhancing site speed,
  • fixing broken links, 
  • improving website structure, 
  • optimising meta tags, 
  • implementing schema markup, 
  • ensuring mobile-friendliness, 
  • resolving crawl errors, 
  • optimising URL structure, 
  • enhancing website security. 

These efforts help search engines crawl and index your site more effectively, improving rankings and better user experience. 

Overall, Technical SEO setup lays the foundation for your website’s success in organic search results by addressing technical issues that may hinder its performance.

Yes, Completing the Technical SEO setup can significantly improve your website’s search engine rankings and overall visibility. 

By addressing technical issues and optimising your site’s backend, you create a solid foundation for better organic search performance. This can result in increased traffic to your website, enhanced user engagement, and improved business outcomes such as higher conversions and sales. 

However, it’s important to note that SEO is an ongoing process, and continuous efforts are needed to maintain and further enhance your website’s performance over time.

Technical SEO is not a one-time service; it is an ongoing process that requires regular monitoring and updates to ensure your website remains optimised for search engines. 


As search engine algorithms evolve and new best practices emerge, ongoing Technical SEO efforts are essential to maintain and improve your website’s search engine performance over time. 


This involves regularly auditing your site for technical issues, implementing necessary fixes and optimisations, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and adapting your strategy accordingly. 

By optimising your website’s technical aspects, you can ensure long-term success and competitiveness in the ever-changing landscape of online search.

Yes. Redesigning your business website presents an excellent opportunity to improve technical and on-page SEO. 


During the redesign process, you can implement SEO best practices to optimise various technical elements such as:

  • site structure, 
  • URL formatting, 
  • page load speed, 
  • mobile responsiveness, 
  • schema markup. 

Additionally, you can enhance On-Page SEO elements like meta tags, headings, content quality, keyword optimisation, and internal linking structure. Incorporating these optimisations into the redesign can enhance user experience and improve search engine visibility, leading to better rankings and increased organic traffic for your website.

If your website links need to appear in search results, there may be several reasons for this issue.
It could be due to technical issues such as indexing problems, crawl errors, or search engine penalties. Poor On-Page SEO, lack of quality content, or low domain authority could also contribute to your website’s invisibility in search results.

To address this problem, a comprehensive SEO audit must identify and rectify any underlying issues affecting your website’s visibility. This may involve fixing technical issues, optimising On-Page SEO elements, improving content quality, and building quality backlinks to improve your website’s ranking and visibility in search results.
Request SEO audit

If you’re receiving error messages from Google about your website, addressing them promptly is crucial to avoid any negative impact on your site’s performance and visibility in search results. 

Common error messages from Google may include indexing issues, crawl errors, security warnings, or penalties.

Identify the specific error messages and their underlying causes to resolve these issues.
This may involve thoroughly auditing your website’s technical aspects, content, and security measures. Once the issues are identified, appropriate measures should be taken, such as fixing technical issues, improving content quality, resolving security vulnerabilities, and adhering to Google’s guidelines. 

Additionally, monitor your website regularly to ensure any new issues are promptly addressed, maintaining your site’s performance and visibility in search results.

Yes, receiving numerous 404 errors on your website can negatively impact user experience and search engine rankings. However, these errors can be fixed to ensure your website functions smoothly and retains its visibility in search results.

To address 404 errors, start by identifying the pages on your website generating these errors. Once identified, you can take several steps to fix them:

  1. Redirect broken URLs: Use 301 redirects to redirect users and search engines from the broken URLs to relevant, functioning pages on your website.
  2. Update internal links: Ensure that internal links on your website point to valid URLs and update any outdated or incorrect links.
  3. Customise 404 error pages: Create custom 404 error pages that provide helpful information to users and include links to important pages on your website.
  4. Monitor and fix ongoing issues: Regularly monitor your website for 404 errors and promptly address any new instances as they arise.

By taking these steps, you can effectively fix 404 errors on your website, improve user experience, and maintain your site’s visibility in search results.
Book Technical SEO Consultation

Yes, website speed optimisation is often included in Technical SEO efforts and can significantly improve your site’s performance. Technical SEO involves identifying and addressing various factors contributing to slow website speed, such as server response time, large file sizes, render-blocking resources, and inefficient code.

During Technical SEO, optimisation techniques can be implemented to improve website speed, including:

  1. Minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files to reduce file size.
  2. Compressing images to decrease load times.
  3. Leveraging browser caching to store frequently accessed resources locally.
  4. Optimising server configurations and reducing server response times.
  5. Implementing content delivery networks (CDNs) to distribute content globally and reduce latency.

By optimising these technical aspects of your website, Technical SEO can help improve website speed, enhance user experience, and boost search engine rankings. Please pay attention to your hosting; on numerous occasions, Business Wonders had low-quality hosting where speed optimisation of WordPress websites was not possible,


If you require complete website optimisation, please contact us directly. We can take your website speed to the next level.
Contact Speed Optimization Expert

The visibility of ranking results after implementing Technical SEO can vary based on various factors, such as the extent of technical issues addressed, the competitiveness of your industry, and the frequency of search engine crawls. Sometimes, you may see improvements in search engine rankings within a few weeks or months after implementing Technical SEO optimisations. 


However, it’s important to note that SEO is a long-term strategy, and significant improvements may take time to materialise fully. Consistently monitoring your website’s performance and making ongoing adjustments based on data and insights can help accelerate the visibility of ranking results over time.

No, there are no hidden fees. We believe in transparent pricing and clear communication with our clients. Before starting any work on your Technical SEO project, we will provide a detailed breakdown of all costs, ensuring you understand our services and pricing structure upfront.

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