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What is Web Design 3.0 ?

The web has existed since 1991 and has evolved from one technology version to another. The first version of the web was web 1.0, followed by 2.0 and the most advanced being web 3.0 which is also referred to by experts as the semantic web, semantic here means data-driven.

The data will come from the user, while the website will essentially adjust to meet the needs of the user. Unlike the web 2.0 that is facilitating collaboration between people, web design 3.0 is the next fundamental change both in how websites are created and how people interact with them.

what is web design 3.0 - example of web design 3.0 by ck website design


classic web design 1.0

Best example of the Classic web design 1.0

Semantic Web Design

All information in the semantic web is categorized and stored in such a way that a computer can understand it as well as a human. Therefore it is thought to be a combination of artificial intelligence and the semantic web. The semantic web would teach the computer what the data means, and this will evolve into artificial intelligence that can utilize that information.

Now we have an idea of the context of web 3.0 let us look at the effect of 3.0 on design. It is important to ask, how has website design side of things changes with the emergence of web 3.0?

Back in the days, this was the design of a Mozilla page. With the evolution of design 2.0, the narrative changed and improved, looking more attractive.

Simple Example of Website Design 2.0

web design 2.0

Simple Example of Website Design 2.0

Approach to smooth website design.

We started to see something like this in the mid-2000s when design 2.0 emerge which showed an improvement in user interface. But this design is no match for Web Design3.0 designs;

Example of Website Design 3.0

web design 3.0 by ck website design

web design 3.0

Sharp and unique colors, shapes, perfect alignment.

The new 3.0 design is characterized by impactful colour schemes, precision and unique interface

What is the future of website design 3.0?

The future of web design version 3.0 is going to improve connectivity like never imagined before because the internet has revolutionized education, communication, way of life, and the way we conduct business.

Traditional media is fading out real quick, and the web is increasingly becoming all-encompassing. It is amazing that the internet isn’t even finished yet. The new generation of web 3.0 anchored on smarter websites, fast internet speeds, and powerful devices, will give people new ways to access data and new tactics for businesses to meet consumers need. Web Design3.0 represents the integration of new internet technologies like XHTML and AJAX that allows for better searches and faster experience.

Web 3.0 design makes high-speed Internet connection possible through 4G network. It is also worthy to note that web 3.0 design requires an increase in the abilities of mobile devices and the greater participation of people who use them. These factors have made the future of the internet and web design 3:0 to look promising.

What is the Difference between Website Version 2.0 and 3.0?

The major distinguishing factors

The major distinguishing factor between the 3.0 design and the former lies in the addition of creative elements in the design. Designers are continually improving content, shapes, and curves to create a specific design path hence providing a pleasant user interface.

Web 2.0
Web 3.0
1. Represent the document web Represent the metadata web
2. This is the social web This is the intelligent web
3. Static web Highly flexible, three-dimensional 3D web
4. Uses the read-write web Uses the semantic web
5. Uses google as a catalyst Uses semantic web companies as a catalyst
6. Facilitates interaction between web users and sites. Interprets data and customers content to suit users requirements
7. Focuses on communities Focuses on individuals
8. Google keywords search is used to find information here Databases with metadata are used to find information here
9. Makes use of online knowledge community that entails people tagging of content and its categorization. Makes use of content management systems along with artificial intelligence.

Differences between Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web Design3.0

Looking at the below differences, you will observe advancement in the evolution of the internet. The development phase of web 3.0 assisted by artificial intelligence has made technology available to provide information to the user in their daily activities.

Website Design 1.0
Website Design 2.0
Web Design 3.0
Succinct Description Web of Documents; also called Web of Files The Realm of Social Network Islands The Social Web; the Web of Data
Major Question Answered In what way can I get my ideas, my data online? How to collaboratively share your ideas, my data? How to share, integrate, and control my data across the Web?
Webspace Dominated by rudimentary personal and corporate websites Personal blogging, social networking, social media, and microblogging the norm A distributed Social Web openly sharing user data (with permission); niche social networking takes hold, offering alternatives to the one-sized fits all social networks
Identity Space Limited Identity presence; very little control Data siloed in myriad, disparate DBs; some access to managing personal identity but usually must be done separately at each silo. Althrough data silos still are common, many are open and accessible; global identity management via WebIDs and Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Representative comparison between Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web Design3.0

Best examples of Web Design 3.0

web 3.0 example 1
web 3.0 example 3 - Piio home page
web 3.0 example 2

The internet is full of thousands of amazing web design portfolios all in the latest versions of Web Design3.0, and of course, would create a truly unique atmosphere for users.

Semantic web technologies can be likened to such examples as:

These technologies are being processed through semantic application platforms and statement-based datastores such as triple stores and tuple stores.

The critical technologies developed during this stage of the Web Development also includes:

  • Ontologies,
  • Semantic Searching,
  • Thesauri,
  • Taxonomies,
  • Personal Intelligent Digital Assistants; and knowledge Bases.

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