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Once you have your website setup and fully functional, how do you get it noticed by Google?

This is done by checking if your website has been indexed by Google. By typing site:yourwebsite address i.e. into the Google search box.

What you should see now?

You should now see a listing of your website’s pages and this is because Google has already indexed your website and it will visit it occasionally to check for updates. If you find that your website is not listed, then you will have to submit it here: This should take Google 1 to 2 weeks to visit and index your website.

It is worth noting that Google only displays websites relevant to the keyword being searched. If you are a restaurant and you type in food in Google, the search results below will appear.

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If your website’s text is not related to the keyword being searched. Which in this example is food, then Google will not show it. If your website does not appear on the first page of a Google search, that does not mean it will not show up. Your website could appear on page 2, page 3or even page 20.

So how do you get your website to appear on page 1 of a Google search? Well, the first thing that you should do is use Google Analytics. And using it with Webmaster tools will show you how your website is being used. It will also show you the keywords people are using to find you on Google.


What do Google Ads do for you?

Now is where it gets interesting as this is where Google Ads can come into play. Google Ads is an advertising system by Google which allows websites to bid on certain keywords. These keywords will allow clickable ads to appear in Google search results. As you now already know which keywords are used to find you. They can be used in your Google Ads campaign.

So how do Google Ads work and are they good or bad for you?
Well, it’s rather simple you pay Google for certain keywords or keyword that people will use to find you. You will then appear on the top part of page 1 where Google Ads appear. Every time someone clicks on your links via Google Ads you pay a set fee per click.

As this can get quite expensive rather quickly you can decide your daily budget and when the ads will appear. You don’t want your ads to appear during the night when the majority of your prospective customers are asleep. Or in countries, you are not targeting.

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Be Creative with the keywords you use.

As the most commonly used ones will not be cheap. I.e. if you are a solicitor the keywords lawyer and solicitor won’t be cheap. So look for alternatives maybe ones that describe the services that you offer.

One important mistake that can be easily made is using Google Ads default options. This will cost you money and your ads will also appear on third-party websites, apps, and YouTube. If for example, you are a Jeweller do you want ads appearing on apps or YouTube videos aimed at children? You only want your ads to appear on a Google search where they will appear to your relevant demographic.

While Google Ads appear to help you rank higher on a Google search. You will have to spend time playing about with it. To find out how it can give you the best results without breaking the bank.  But before you start planning on using Google Ads. Spend a couple of months seeing if you can grow organically, by optimising your SEO.

Start to plan a Google Ads campaign

If that does not work, then start to plan a Google Ads campaign. But make sure to budget it carefully as you don’t want to overspend. Cancelling or pausing a Google Ads campaign can affect your rankings. Which is why you must make sure your ads only run where and when you want them to. And at a price, you can afford. Google Ads are not for everyone. If you customise your SEO to give you natural organic growth you may never have to use Google Ads. Of course, if you are not sure about how to customise your SEO or dip your toe into Google Ads, then please Contact us at CK Website Design.

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