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AgriParts Direct is an amazing new bespoke eCommerce platform designed for AgriParts & W.R Shaw in Tullamore.
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AgriParts Direct Ireland Ltd.

Designed & Developed by CK Website Design Dublin.

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About the Project

We have been contacted by AgriParts Direct Ireland Ltd. to create a custom eCommerce platform for them. This platform will enable efficient product management and importing, saving time and streamlining the process.

Thanks to the new system, AgriParts can now manage its 50K+ products in-house and via a direct link to its store stock management system.

All content listed on the AgriParts Direct Ireland website is handy and valuable to rank well in the Local Search Results (SEO) 

What were the main deliverables?

STYLE: Young, Minimalistic, White Space, Modern

Please take note of the following details:

Direct Products Bulk Edits in Spreadsheet

    • Bespoke WordPress CMS system
    • Edit products in bulk via XML sheets
    • Editing & Managing Time Reduced by 40%
    • Manage inventory/stock with a few clicks
  • SEO automation and Yoast development
    • We have created an SEO automation tool for AgriParts 
that simplifies optimization for all their eCommerce products.

Develop a complete SEO strategy including:

Play Video about agriparts homepage screenshot

The New Website was designed & developed to:

  • Be mobile-friendly,
  • Integrate the videos while keeping high performance,
  • Improve User Experience on all pages, shop and product pages,
  • Make the products and services accessible at all times throughout the pages,
  • Make it possible for the website admins to add/remove and update the products in-house,
  • Create a well-structured and user-friendly navigation system,
  • Be attractive to the users,
  • Increase the Leads and Inquires on the Website,
  • Reduce the Bounce rate,
  • Increase Conversion,
  • Improve Ranking of the website in Search Google & Bing,
  • Track form submissions and all-important events through Google Analytics,
  • Fix all wrong links on the website and in Search without losing Google Ranking

Additionally, the following “behind the scenes” features will be built into the website:

  • Regular pings to Google, Yahoo and Bing,
  • Google Analytics performance reporting,
  • Reduce website loading time,
  • Anti-spam features on all contact forms,
  • A highly detailed tracking system, which will be linked to Analytics,
  • Create all Email Redirects and set up new email address hosting services provided monthly or annually by our preferred hosting partner or CK Website Design’s Cloud Hosting.
  • We helped AgriParts reduce fees and monthly expenditures on hosting, SEO, maintenance, and support, which were lacking with the previous web agency.

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