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Brand new eCommerce website design for fabrics Ireland. Visit the walk-through of the Fabrics Ireland eCommerce design project.
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Fabrics Ireland Ltd.

Designed & Developed by CK Website Design Dublin.

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About the Project

Fabrics Ireland Ltd. contacted CK Website Design to help redesign their online store into a more attractive eCommerce space.

Fabrics Ireland has over 1,000 products and requested options for customers to download, filter, and preview their catalogues. Since then, Fabrics Ireland has been growing its emailing and customer base thanks to this customized approach.

The website has been redesigned and funded by the Trading Online Voucher (TOV) scheme provided by Enterprise Ireland. The main goal of this project was to assist Fabrics Ireland in presenting all their services in a simple, intuitive way.

What were the main deliverables?

  • The home page should give the impression that Fabrics Ireland is a professional and well-established business within the first 5 seconds of user interaction.
  • The website should be fully responsive on all devices and compliant with GDPR.
  • The “Contact Us” options need to be optimized for GDPR compliance.
  • Design the home page with an elegant and catchy design, making it easy for users to find critical services.
  • Fabrics Ireland’s website will be created in WordPress, allowing easy content management and reduced administration costs.
  • Include contact forms on every page to enable accessible communication for businesses and professionals contacting TWI – Fabrics Ireland.

Target Audience Needs.

  1. The main audience that Fabrics Ireland is focusing on is located locally in Ireland.
  2. The website needs to help users find information about TWI’s best-selling services,
  3. Present TWI as a well-established business
  4. Make contact forms readily available to users without them having to leave the current page.
  5. Additionally, the website should showcase the best promotions and services and help users understand who Fabrics Ireland is and what they offer.

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