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IVS Ireland has recently launched a new website with the primary goal of enhancing their search engine optimization (SEO) and driving increased lead generation. In addition the website aims to generate additional revenue by implementing a new booking system. This advanced booking system is expected to streamline the process for customers and ultimately contribute to the company’s overall growth and success.
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IVS Ireland

Designed & Developed by CK Website Design Dublin.

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About the Project

IVS Ireland was looking for an agency to help them redesign their outdated website.

The website has been redesigned and funded by the Trading Online Voucher (TOV) scheme provided by Enterprise Ireland. The main goal of this project was to assist TheDataClinic presents all their services in a simple, intuitive way.

After analyzing their competitors, we discovered that all useful information needed by the readers was hard to find and presented in an outdated way. 

Thanks to the new design, IVS Ireland has the option to share all that information in an attractive and easy-to-read way. 

All content listed on the IVS Ireland website is handy and useful to rank well in the Local Search Results (SEO) 


What were the main deliverables?

STYLE: Young, Minimalistic, White Space, Modern

Please take note of the following details:

  • Improve SEO setup on all business pages
  • Secure the Website
  • Make it possible for the website admins to add/remove and update the products in-house,
  • Improve User Experience on all pages,
  • Make the Services more accessible at all times throughout the website,
  • Engage with the users through new design and easy interface,
  • Redesign the website according to all branding guidelines.
  • Ensure that the website is mobile-responsive.
  • Enhance the design to improve conversion rates.
  • Create comprehensive user experience (UX) flows and plan the user journey.
  • Improve and transfer the website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind

Develop a complete SEO strategy including:

Play Video about ivs ireland homepage screenshot for video

Bespoke options & cutomizations.

The new Business Website is now helping IVS Ireland users to:

  1. Book Immigration consultations easily
  2. Booking form linked with Google Calendar
  3. Be able to access booked services and manage it
  4. Submit a deposit for an online booked consultation
  5. Access all handy legal immigration services via a website
  6. Filter services easily within a few clicks


IVS Ireland - full website screenshot

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