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Low Energy Design is now starting to rank well, thanks to a New Web Design Conversion approach. Click & Explore this website design project.
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Low Energy Design

Designed & Developed by CK Website Design Dublin.

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About the Project

CK Website Design was contacted by Low Energy Design to redesign their old website. The new design was based on an analysis of Low Energy Design’s competitors and website inspirations.

Based on all the data and analysis we gathered, we designed the website for James Walsh (CEO of Low Energy Design).

The new website is now fully SEO-optimized and designed to boost Low Energy Design’s lead generation. Since then, James has been contacted by many agencies complementing their Local SEO setup and new designs.


What were the main deliverables?

low energy design website and seo performance

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Business Needs.

  1. Increase the Leads and Inquires on the Website,
  2. Reduce the Bounce rate,
  3. Increase Conversion,
  4. Improve Ranking of the website in Search Google & Bing,
  5. Track form submissions and all-important events through Google Analytics,
  6. Fix all bad links on the website and in Search without losing Google Ranking
  7. Make the first impression that Low Energy Design is a Professional and well-established Business,
  8. The home page needs to be elegant, which will ooze the user within the first 5seconds,
  9. The website needs to be fully responsive on all devices,
  10. All content and the website need to be GDPR-compliant,
  11. All Contact Us options need to be GDPR-optimized,
  12. Design the website with the catchy, elegant design of the Home page, where users will be able to find Key Services easily,
  13. The website will be created in WordPress, which will allow Low Energy Design to manage content on the site and reduce administration costs easily,
  14. Integrate and optimize video to display well and be optimized for performance.

Advanced Website Tracking and Form submissions, phone click tracking.

low energy events and golas after full on page seo » by CK Website Design

Target Audience.

The Main audience that Low Energy Design focuses on is Local Ireland.

The website needs to help users to find information about Low Energy Design bestselling services:

  • Architectural Processes
  • Architectural Design
  • Latest Projects

The Main audience that Low Energy Design focuses on is Local Ireland.

The website needs to help users to find information about Low Energy Design bestselling services:

  1. Low Energy Design needs to look like a well-established Business
  2. Users need to be able to find quick information about the latest jobs and how to hire professionals.

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