What do I need to start my online business?

https:// (SSL) certificate hosting domain for .ie domain VAT or REF number

Do I need to have any web development knowledge?

No, our main focus is to create websites that are easy to use and we provide full training.

Can You set up an email address on my website?

Yes, we can include this feature in your quote.

Can you transfer content from my old website?

Yes, we can transfer all the content from your old website. Whilst updating the written content to fit your new websites tone.

We are very busy, can you update the website for us?

Yes, we can offer a maintenance, contract for your business and we will update your website for you.

Can I see who’s visiting my website?

Yes, we can setup Google Analytics on your website. Allowing you, to keep an eye on the traffic and location of your visitors.

What do I need to own to have my website designed?

You need to come up with a name for your business (domain) decide if you need .com or .ie. Then think about hosting, which is where you place your website. You can buy Domain and Web Hosting from Hosting Ireland. They are one of the best hosting providers we have had the pleasure of working with.

What is Hosting ?

Hosting is a place for your website. Think about hosting a house where all you store all your data/website. With hosting you are storing all your website data and email addresses. Remember, while choosing hosting pay attention to hosting performance. You can check your hosting performance by going to bitcatcha.com

What is Domain?

The domain is a name of your online business. You can think about Domain as your online address. Where users will type your online business name into Google so they will be able to find your business.

What do I need to start my online shop?

https:// (SSL) certificate hosting domain VAT or REF number

What is Domain?

The domain is a name of your online business. You can think about the domain as your online address. A user will type your online business name into Google so that they will be able to find your business.

What is Hosting ?

Hosting is a place for your website. Think about hosting a house where all you store all your data/website. With hosting you are storing all your website data and email addresses. Remember, while choosing hosting pay attention to hosting performance. You can check your hosting performance by going to bitcatcha.com

Why do I need SSL certificate?

Any computer between you and the server can see your credit card. Along with numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information. If it is not encrypted with SSL. When using an SSL certificate, the information becomes unreadable to everyone. Except for the server you are sending the information to.

Why/When should I hire a photographer?

We always recommend our customers hire a photographer for commercial photography. CKdesign can provide a photographer to work with you. The photographer can come to your premises to do photos of your business. They can also take all the photo’s used on your website/online business.

What’s branding and Do I need it?

What is branding? Branding is very important, especially for SMEs and Entrepreneurs. Three main things always included in online branding are: – Logo, – Social media channels graphics that are consistent and related to your website/brand.

Do I need branding? Branding is very important when you are starting to set up your online presence. All the graphics and used channels will be your online business card.

If I want more pages on my site, Do I have to pay for it?

We can always add extra pages for you and our prices are always negotiable.

Is there a monthly fee?

We are proud to be transparent with all our prices and quotations. The only monthly fees are technical maintenance and online store maintenance. The fees for these services are optional and needs to be approved by the website owner before any charges would be applied.

Would I be able to maintain my site by myself?

Yes, you will be able to add your products. We always recommend to all our clients to keep in mind that to maintain online business is a lot of work. The e-commerce websites back-end is a complex machine. You must maintain and update it as as a lot of sensitive data is on it. Data such as credit card details and personal information. But don’t worry we are here to help you to grow. Our technical and store maintenance services are always here for you if you need it.

For just in case we would recommend to check our Website Maintenance Services

Do I have to produce the contents/imagery of my site myself or it can be provided?

Yes, you must provide: – text content (we can ask our awesome writers to create the SEO optimized content for you) – images (we can source them for you if needed) – logo files (we can design the logo for you if requested

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

Wondering why you need SEO?

No problem. We will explain to you in the simplest of terms. But first take a look at this: Now imagine how many more results are available as the Goooooogle ➡ is dragged to infinity, each page having just five search results. You need to optimize your website to make it visible on the first top pages of the results display in other for you to generate traffic and improve on sales because if your website fails to appear visible in the first few pages, your website is as good as dead. Sales won’t go up.

What does a SEO company do?

SEO company offers search engine optimization related services to businesses and other clients by ensuring that their brand name and website stays on top and as well remain relevant to search engines’ results thereby making the clients page to be as applicable and useful as possible, and thus boost page rankings on the most popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) because of traffic.

What is on-page search engine optimization?

Just as it implies by the name ‘on-page,’ it focuses on factors that are contained therein each web-page that will be optimized for higher visibility and ranking. On-page SEO involves page structure, page content, keywords usage, and page image description that SEO is usually based on.

What is off-page optimization

Off-page optimization on the other end is based on reference and back-links that have given good testimony to the quality and content of your website, which then serves as a basis for affirming the credibility of your website by a search engine.

The more quality back-links direct traffic to your page, the more Google and another search engine will logically conclude that the page is laden with high quality and valuable content. This then goes to say that SEO is beyond face value, the quality references that lead traffic to your page should as well be considered.

Do you need SEO company?

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 47% of people click one of the first three listings (SEJ, 2016) If you want to know if you need an SEO company, consider their usefulness to your digital marketing business. Why you need that SEO company is because every online activity begins with a search engine.

Why we do SEO?

You might wonder what is special about CKdesign and why we do SEO, right? Anyway, wonder no more. The reason is simple. Two major types of SEO exists, one is white-hat SEO, the other is black-hat SEO. We are known for white-hat SEO due to the diligent work we have put in the last decade to gain search rankings, and as such, we are not willing to stop now. To know if SEO revolves around a white-hat or black-hat SEO, the difference lies in the following facts • Website security (HTTP & HTTPS) • Availability of correct schema markup • Mobile-friendliness and ease of navigation • Quality of web content • Quality back links through link earning and link building • Images optimization criteria • Speed at which the web page loads on your site, among other factors. SEO Services? Aside from the fact that SEO optimizes your online presence to rank on search engines for maximum sales and profitability, the most important need for SEO is to meet the rising consumer’s demand who would always run to search engines to find even the smallest of advice or location, rather than walking around the street.

What is an SEO Strategist?

SEO strategist involves the building, implementation, and management of complex SEO strategies for clients. What are the responsibilities of an SEO Strategist? The SEO strategist is that individual, responsible for the review and implementation of changes relating to websites in a bid to optimize the content for search engines. He weighs the cost against the benefits and then decides what is best to be adopted for SEO.

What skills should an SEO strategist possess?

The skills needed to be a successful SEO Strategist are multi-dimensional. The SEO world is expanding by the day, and as such, one single skill niche won’t be able to match with the changing paradigm. A good set of skills to start with includes designing, writing, proficient in programming languages, creating ranking strategies, creating natural backpacks through link-earning and link-building, and as well be a certified WordPress and Joomla expert. Also, an in-depth professional strategist should be able to have apt knowledge of search engine operations and follow up with the ever dynamic search engine algorithms. They also need to be equipped with the necessary SEO tools to take charge of possible changes capable of affecting their clients.

What exactly makes a site SEO friendly?

Making a website SEO friendly means developing a user-friendly website. It demands that a website implements all the SEO techniques that could enable search engine crawlers to access, index, and rank each page on your website effectively, thereby making the valuable content available for related users query. It is a function determined by many factors and not just about the optimization of keywords. In making your website friendly, it would be in your interest to integrate the following into your On-page Optimization; • Flexibility and accessibility of Web-design • Making use of user-friendly URL • Social media features in your web design • SEO images • SEO videos and animations • Be careful with flash elements • Inculcating white-hat technique Also, several other Off-page options should be optimized to gain inbound links and a higher conversion rate.

How can I improve SEO on my website?

To improve SEO on your website, you have to be committed to doing it the right way rather than indulging in link farming, link buying, keyword spamming, keyword stuffing, cloaking, and other unwholesome practices. Improving SEO on a website starts with the building and development stage in the web design process — localization of services through optimization of your local SEO to draw local leads and customers. Listing your website in some Online business directory is also another avenue to explore improving the SEO of your website. Taking advantage of Google tools such as creating and optimizing your Google My Business account will establish your business presence online for free on search engines. This will also benefit your website and business as it will be listed on Google maps.

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