Keep It Secured Keep It Safe: Website Security Essentials To Avoid Data Breach

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Keep it Secured, Keep it Safe to avoid Data Breach

On average more than 30,000 new websites are hacked in a single day (Source: Forbes), 300,000 malware pieces are created daily, and 75 records are breached every second. That’s quite a lot of numbers. And with billions of websites on the internet, holding billions of personal data, a security breach could bring a successful business to doom.

Thus, it becomes imperative to focus on vital security issues and protect the data from cyber-attacks. Small scale businesses and MNC companies consult certified developers and agencies for website design in Dublin to keep their data secure and safe. However, it’s not only the website design phase that needs attention; many other factors need to be considered.

Starting from the right programming language for website design to selecting the hosting provider, a lot goes to make your business website secure without affecting the functioning. Check out some of these essential factors to reduce website hack and keep your business sailing smoothly.

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Secure Website Management Tips

Website Design With Security:

The core foundation of website security lies in the language used to develop the website. ASP, .NET, JAVA, are some of the popular programming languages. The selection also varies according to the industry type. So, it is wise to adopt a web programming language that offers great compatibility to security add-ons, minimise the lines of code and optimize web-pages. This ensures great functioning of the website without impacting security.

Moreover, as the code is structured and less complex, it ease the edits, reducing the risk of data breach to changing technologies. It is the priority for web design in Ireland and other countries offering quality website management services.

Secure Web Hosting Services:

After designing, comes the hosting provider. It could be said as a secure home that protects your website from multiple threats. A great web hosting provider offers many security features like virus protection, firewall, spam filters, DDoS protection, SSL and more. So, when looking out for a reliable web hosting service, consider all the features to have a secure website.

SSL Certificates:

Most of the industries have made it mandatory to have an SSL certificate installed on the server. The SSL offers data encryption to the data and minimises hack risks.

Many search engines only allow SSL encrypted websites to browse. They prompt the user that the site is not secure. Thus, it becomes essentially from the customer’s point of view as he/she may avoid visiting your website when warned, resulting in few clicks and less traffic.

Penetration Testing:

It’s an excellent way to test your website against potential threats. Developers or specialists attack your website as hackers and identify the flaws. So you get informed about the potential risks and vulnerabilities. These risks will help you improve the website structure, database, and other elements.

So, to keep your website secure, it is good to create a strategy and implement the latest technologies available. Apart from that, you should always keep the website updated to recent algorithms and backup data to ensure safety when a problem arises.

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Keep It Secured Keep It Safe: Website Security Essentials To Avoid Data Breach
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Keep It Secured Keep It Safe: Website Security Essentials To Avoid Data Breach
Website Security Essentials to keep it secured, keep in safe to avoid website security data breach and focus on vital security issues.
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