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responsive website design mockup of sund-hire limited ireland dublin

Truspiot review by Peter Puskas ceo of sound-hire limited about k website design services


Sound-Hire Limited was designed by CK Website Design Dublin

Sound-Hire is an Irish based business providing Sound & DJ Equipment for Hire.

Peter Puskas contacted us with a request to help him and design a website that would help him to convert his traffic into potential customers/leads.

Who they are?

Sound-Hire has worked with most of the clubs in Dublin ( Tripod club, Twisted Pepper, The Mezz, Andrews Lane Theater, Lost Society, Turks Head (Temple Bar), Harry’s Pub to name just a few…) are the longest established Sound Hire and PA equipment company in Ireland. We offer vast experience in providing quality sound, Lighting & Music systems with professional PA solutions for many types of events from House Parties & Karaoke Parties to larger Corporate Functions.

What were the main Goals?

  • Redesign website to fit Sound Hire Identity
  • Plan and design tools for conversion
  • Introduce interactive design
  • Define and present the most popular products to the sound-hire main audience

The new eCommerce website is now helping the Sound-Hire Ireland users to:

  1. Find products & services easily in Google Search
  2. Load website within 2s
  3. Contact website admin within 2-3 clicks
  4. Contact Seller Quicky via Mobile and Desktop within 1 click

Sound-Hire – Home Page Website Design


full website screenshot of sound-hire home page and presented on ck website design dubln ireland website

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