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New Used Tractor Parts Website Design Dublin by Kamil Kus, CKwebsitedesign

Theirs goal is to be able to provide a service for our visitors to be able to find the part or parts they need quickly and effectively as well as providing a professional and cost-effective place for our customers to advertise their products with the aim of selling them.

User-friendly design

Thanks to good user firendly design the Admin is now able to:

  • Edit
  • Add new users
  • Maintain the users
  • Publish Ads
  • Set trial plans
  • Set expiration dates
  • Approve users
  • And so much more..


  1. Improve website security (Firewall and SSL cert)
  2. More visible in search results,
  3. Make the first impression that New & Used Tractor Parts is a Professional and well-established Business,
  4. The home page needs to be elegant which will ooze the user within first 5seconds,
  5. Designing New navigation which will stay with the user which will increase the conversion,
  6. At the moment website is not responsive and have space layout issues. With new design Website will be fully responsive on all devices,
  7. Introduce Subscribe popup or modal which are very essential to capture leads
  8. All content and the website need to be GDPR compliant
  9. All Contact Us options needs to be GDPR optimized
  10. Design the website with catchy, elegant and minimalistic high conversion design, where users will be able to find Key Services easily,
  11. Website will be created in WordPress which will allow New & Used Tractor Parts to easily manage content on the site and reduce administration costs,
  12. Monthly GOOGLE RANKING Management – rank on first page for 2 main keywords which will need to be pre-selected by us and the Business owner within first 12months (optional)
  13. Simplify the ads listing for New & Used Tractor Parts users
  14. Ad submission forms to be customizable through adding extra fields and be able to link with advanced search system
  15. Advanced Search system which will make easy to find any parts on New & Used Tractor Parts,
  16. Website will need to meet latest performance standards to help to attract new users,
  17. At the moment are hosted under GoDaddy we might send some recommendation towards the server setup to get the best results possible out of it.


The Main audience that New & Used Tractor Parts are focusing on are placed Internationally UK and Ireland Full SEO strategy will need to be setup while working on the website.

  1. New & Used Tractor Parts needs to look as a well-established Business
  2. Users’ needs to be able to find quickly the information about the Tractor Parts
  3. Users’ needs to be able to quickly find New & Used Tractor Parts in search results

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